Adah by Payal - Not Your Regular Ecommerce Store

While the Ecommerce boom has definitely played a big role in enabling indigenous businesses, merchants and craftsmen for taking their craft and wares to a greater consumer outreach beyond their territorial boundaries, the high level of technology awareness and the English language disconnect still prevents a large section of merchants from dumping the traditional store format and going the full online route. Adah by Payal is a boutique Ecommerce platform dedicated to the indigenous crafts, merchandise and traditional businesses of India for taking their businesses online and displaying their wares to a larger audience across the country and the globe thereby enabling them with self employment and a greater share of profits.


Adah by Payal - A Unique Ensemble of Home Decor & Craft

Powered by the concept of aggregating the indigenous crafts, traditional wares and unique businesses of rural India, Adah by Payal is a boutique Ecommerce platform that curates simplistic yet pretty and attractive items sourced directly from craftsmen and merchants, under the same roof. Our wide range of products includes Home Decor items, Women’s Accessories and Outfits, Decorative goods, Crockery as well as Indoor & Outdoor planters. Our products are primarily meant to appeal to women from all walks of life, home makers and young working women who are stricken by time and restrictions to pamper themselves occasionally with a splash of the nicer things in life.



India has a vast treasure trove of hidden talent, arts and craft to explore and present. Despite the Ecommerce boom, a large section of traditional artisans and craftsmen remain isolated owing to their lack of technological awareness and language disconnect. Adah by Payal aims to unearth these hidden gems of India and present them to the world on a legitimate online platform that not only showcases their wares to interested customers but also distributes a major portion of the profits generated from sales without deducting any charges for the same.


Adah by Payal started off as an idea that took birth in a curious mind for enhancing the inherent beauty in every individual or environment inspired by the simple shades and elements of Nature. What started off as an idea in a curious mind, soon took shape of a business venture for connecting artisans and craftsmen to their target audiences beyond their territorial boundaries. In course of time we aspire to widen our operations and include more indigenous businesses and aggregate them on our online platform for supporting local businesses and giving them better visibility. Our overall vision is to offer a fixed source of income for as many artisans and craftsmesn and enable them to become self employed in their chosen field of work.


Our whole aim is to provide the Indian female the complete freedom and liberty of satisfying their innate creativity for enhancing the beauty and aesthetic value of any subject, person or environment with our select line of indigenous handicrafts and artworks. Our products are assorted across a wide range and are priced very affordably for women to indulge more with their aesthetic experiments and desires while providing employment for indigenous traders and merchants. Combining the ease of shopping with the guarantee of genuine authenticity and affordable pricing, we aspire to become every woman's trusted friend.

Why choose Adah by Payal?

1. Authentic Indian crafts & wares sourced directly from merchants

We source our products and wares directly from the craftsmen and indigenous businesses after conducting a thorough check on the quality and authenticity of each product individually before putting them up for display.

2. Unique selection of products, not available on other online platforms

Our selection of all product lines is one of a kind and their availability is restricted to our brand exclusively. The designs and patterns of products on display are not available on other Ecommerce platforms.

3. Support local businesses & enable them with self employment

We support local businesses and play an important role in enabling indigenous traders and craftsmen to take their produce directly to the end consumer. The profits generated from sales are largely distributed to their favour without charging them any fee or commission towards it.

4. Best quality products at affordable price points

Our boutique Ecommerce platform is the best bet for the modern Indian woman from any walk of life to access traditional Indian home decor items, jewellery and many other interesting products at her own convenience and comfort. Our products are priced very affordably and provide best value for your money.


Home Decor


Urli is a traditional Indian utensil which is round in shape and cast in metal. It is often used as a cookware for hosting special occasions and can be used as a decorative item as well. Urlis are available with us for both cookware as well as home decor items.

Table ware

Our tableware collection consists of cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and a host of other items for serving and consuming food as well as enhancing the beauty of any lavish spread.

Candles n candle stands

Candles are great source of light in darkness but they can also be used for helping the body to relax and unwind. Our collection of candles include scented aromatic candles and essential oil based candles that are invigorating for the sense and sensibilities with a wide range of exotic candle stands to compliment the sensuous aroma they exude.

Wall Hangings and decor

What better way to accentuate the tasteful interior decor of any home than the choicest range of wall hangings and abstract art? Our exclusive collection includes exotic art in various frames as well as wall hangings that delightfully compliment any home decor and its sophisticated furnishing.


Choose interesting artefacts and showpieces to enhance the beauty of your home decor and give it a nice, quirky feel from our selection range of products that include glass objects, coffee table art, flower vase and accessories.

Decorative pieces

Browse through our wide range of decorative pieces to select the best match for your home decor.

German silver products

Avail amazing decorative paraphernalia as well as show pieces designed in rustic German silver that are easy to maintain and retain their shine timelessly.


Give your home decor a unique twist with this versatile form of fiber art that can be used to make everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to jewelry, purses, and even accessories from cotton twine, jute, hemp, or yarn.


Home Decor

Hand block printed Bedspreads

Find exotic designs in bedspreads and bedsheets fit for draping the beds for royalty and come home to a new place everyday.

Classy English frilled bedsheets

Decorate your bed with the most amazing and delicate laced frills and classic English embroidered designs adorning every bedsheet for experiencing regality in simplicity.

Bedsheets and quilt sets

Choose from a wide range of cute and adorable bedsheets with matching quilt sets that are anyone's best companion for snuggling to sleep after a hard day.

Table cloths

Deck up your dinner table and study table with the best designs and patterns available in table cloths and give your tables a new look and style, make every day look like a special occasion.


Find attractive floor runner, rugs & carpets in exotic designs, patterns and colours to give your bare naked floor a touch of sophistication and aristocracy while keeping your feet warm.

Cushion covers

Cushion covers are probably the most understated accessory that works wonders for home decor. Transform your living space and seating areas with elegant hand embroidered tasteful cushion covers and give your home decor a stylish makeover.


- Curtains are to walls what clothes are to humans. Choose from some of the best designs and colours available in curtains to match the colours of your home interiors and furnishing.


Carpets are a traditional affair and best when crafted painstakingly by artisans by hand. Savour the best experience in carpets from an aesthetic point of view as well as a comfort perspective from our exotic range of carpet collections available.


Choose from an extensive range of towels available in different fabric materials, colours and designs to rub dry after a good wholesome bath.


Save time and energy in rubbing yourself dry with our majestic range of after shower bathrobes that absorb moisture and dry the body naturally in a short course of time.


Home Decor

Ceramic crockery

Ceramic crockery available at Adah include pottery, terracotta, fine china, bone china, porcelain, glazed earthenware, paper clay and stoneware. They are an excellent match for tableware as they not only add aesthetic appeal to any occasion but are also sturdy and long lasting.

Porcelain crockery

When it comes to everyday use, porcelain is the strongest and most durable material and porcelain dishes are as aesthetically graceful as they are hardy and strong, making everyday a special occasion.

Dinner sets

Our dinner sets consist of the entire dinner ware collection and are available in various materials as well as designs and colours.

Glass ware

Make serving coloured drinks and cocktails a different ball game altogether with our regal collection of glass ware including not just drinking glasses but plates, crockery and cutlery as well.

Cutlery sets

Impress your guests with not just a lavish spread on the dinner table but regal cutlery sets that are designed exclusively to cater to specific dishes and amplify the aesthetics of food in itself.


Enjoy your drink in full grandeur or even better make everyday a grand affair by stocking up on these different varieties and selections of glasses available in different designs and materials.

Bar sets

When it comes to enjoying their drink, every tippler has their own preference. Complete your bar set and boast your bar aficionado to your hosts and guests with the complete range of drinking glasses, measuring shot glasses and related accessories.

Platters and servers

Choose from a wide range of delectable platters and serving trays in our extensive collection for leaving a lasting impression on your guests with not just the food but the preparation around it as well.

Tea cups and mugs

Tea drinking has always been a fine affair for the elite and aristocrats and pursuing your favourite drink at leisure should reflect no less than nobility in these exquisitely crafted tea cups and mugs in unique designs, patterns and colours.


Home Decor


No home is complete without a little hint of nature blossoming indoors and what better way to start a new hobby of being a plant parent than these cute indoor planters that not only protect your plants and keep them safe but are also easy to handle and look beautiful.


Plants that need to grow outdoors require more space to spread themselves and a larger base for its roots to stretch for a better ground support and our outdoor planters do complete justice to such plants with design, shape and handling.

Wall mounted

For the creative minds who like to adorn Mother Nature as their natural interior decoration within their homes, we have the perfect solution in the form of these amazing wall mounted planters for holding your priceless plants to safety while adding value to your home decor as well.


Garden decor does not get any better than the fountain planter which not only adds a priceless aesthetic to the entire look & feel of the garden but also acts as a natural water feeder to other plants in its following tiers.

Miniatures for bonsai

Make your penchant for bonsai a timeless adventure of recreating a little world in your backyard with miniature versions of everything. Get the entire collection of miniatures for bonsai including a small bridge over a gurgling stream and create your own fairytale land in your backyard.